I am creating a new fun song for all you magical beings out there, the title of the song is still a work in progress, but I love the idea of There be Dragons or Dragon Hearts, what do you think?   This is not a linear project so Im following a spherical energy with this production, but this song already exists in the future and I know once it will just magically actualise as all my other recordings did!  All the funds will go towards the making of this song! It's been a few years since I recorded and wrote any songs and now is the space to do so again. 

What infinite possibilities are there to produce and create and share this wonderful song? There Be Dragons - let us explore, let it be fun and an adventure, always! If you would like to support me, buy me a virtual Dragons Fire Breathe Coffee, you can do so by clicking on the Green Donate Button on my page home page or the Blue support button below this post!  

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